SSD Dashboard - Admin Rights?

I am logged into my computer as the “administrator” and the SSD dashboard software still continues to say “you don’t have administrator rights to use the WD SSD Dashboard”. What am I doing wrong?

try right clicking the dashboard in the app list and select run as administrator.

… but by rights there should be no need to do this. When I changed computers I opted for a Samsung SSD and the Samsung Magician software does not require admin rights to function. It looks like I’m going to have to use the Task Scheduler trick to get the WD Dashboard to load without the UAC prompt appearing.

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I have the same problem with windows 10. I put the exe file in Win 10 Task Scheduler and there is no UAC Prompt any more. The Problem is now, that the SSD Dashboard does not start minimized. Does anyone know if it is possible to start the program minimized with perhaps an argument?