Ssd black software

Where do you get this from? (the black version of the ssd nvme dashboard) - ive tried to get this but just cant get it anywhere, i bought my drive specifically for this software. When i think i have it, the new version gets installed back.

Have you already looked at this?

Hi thanks for reply, I have tried to install and it is trying to install which is what I already have … the blue background version.

Which is what all versions do…

Thanks though


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try to use this one

this the link
Western Digital SSD Dashboard

Hi and thanks,

But once again, it tries to uninstall my version I have, and re-install which isn’t the black version.

Thanks for trying though.



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Have you try install version and have you try to launch the WD Dashboard from the shortcut in the dekstop…? last i have case if i launch from shortcut in dekstop WD Dashboard run in black theme, but if i run from the C:\Program Files (x86)\Western Digital\SSD Dashboard\ WesternDigitalSSDDashboard.exe i got the blue theme.