SRT do not Appear. WD TV Live Plus don't connect WD Sharespace Shared folder

Here is my situation.

I have a WD Sharespace 4 Tb with all my backup, pictures, music and videos.

I build my house to have wire network point next to my Television, in order to access movies from my WD Sharespace without have to copy them to a Pen drive with subtitle file in. and lead the pen drive to the television.

So I bought WD TV Live once it is from the same company from my share space and I thought they will communicate without problems.

I also bought this device because was told me that it can read several types of movie codification and can read all kind of subtitles with no necessity to input them into the movie.

When I got HD TV live at my home I had my first frustration.

It do not read subtitle through media server.

I the WD website there is a KB saying that trough media server subtitle will not work because media server can not send two files at same time.

My Second Frustration is…

I Can not configure WD TV Live to connect WD Sharespace Share folders. (I believed it was the solution to my subtitles issue).

Although I put the correct user and the correct password WD TV Live do not perform the connection .

It keeps showing.

This Share folder can not be accessed.

They are all in the same network, because my Notebook can see the WD Sharespace, and the WD TV Live can see my notebook files and the WD ShareSpace media Server.

Does anyone had this problem and solve it?

I read the Link

And it do not have the solution for this problem.

Have you tried using the default user / password? You may have to go to the setup menu to reset network share logon info. to default.


I already tried to use default password, I also created a new User and Password with no restriction only to WE TV Live.

It doesn’t work either.