SRT (and other subtitles?) file size limit/bug

I’m using the latest WD TV Live Plus firmware and have noticed that the size of the .srt file containing subtitles will cause playback of the video to fail.

Worse still is that when the playback fails (screen goes black and nothing is played) due to a larger than 100k (this appears to be the limit) .srt file, there’s no way to play back any more video as apparently that part of the player has become wedged and requires a reboot. All further attempts to play any video (with or without subtitle files) results in the spinning indicator and no progress.

Is this a known issue? It seems easily reproducible for me. If I trim a subtitle file down to say 95k for my sample video, it will play back fine, but if I leave the file whole or leave maybe 105k in the file, then playback won’t work and the video playback is wedged/hung.



Looks like at least for .srt it might have more to do with the number of entries in the file than the size of the file, as I had another file of 71k that also failed, but when trimmed down to 899 entries it worked. The prior file that appeared to show a 100k file size limit didn’t work at 1000 entries, but did with 899.

Please post a bunch of those files, properly named ( to or something so we can check it out.

OK here are a few…

One that’s about 70k but still causes video playback to freeze:

One that’s almost 300k and also causes video playback to hang: