Spotify and 3.04.17

Could be a coincidence, but i upgraded to the new firmware, and today spotify was all of a sudden having issues. Playback is very jittery, it takes long for a file to start then during playback randomly pauses … Weird. It feels like the wifi or internet connection is slow, but i checked with other files, and no problems there. Anyone else having this issue as well?

I use Spotify pretty heavily and have not had any issues with the latest FW. I am hardwired though so have not tested via WiFi. One issue I have had since it was introduced to the HUB is that once in a while it will simply stop playing at the end of a song (in the middle of an album) , and then I have to hit play to start it again. A tad bothersome but it never does this in the middle of a song so it’s almost like the HUB reads some type of marker that tells it the album is over.

Not much help, but good luck