"split-sheet episode thumb (full fan)" help

TV Series is setup as this:

TV Series

         ->TV Series.jpg









                                                                     ->_ folder.jpg _





                                                                     ->_ folder.jpg _

I generated _ folder.jpg _ using “split-sheet episode thumb (full fan)”.

renamed it from “the.big.bang.theory.s04eXX.hdtv.xvid-fqm.jpg” to _ folder.jpg _

I generate 'the.big.bang.theory.s04e15.hdtv.xvid-fqm.jpg" and “the.big.bang.theory.s04e15.hdtv.xvid-fqm.xml” using “Extreme_FinalMix_HDTV_3_SHEET” template

Am I correct to think that this should work? As it is right now when in the “Season.4” folder I see the 2 episode folders but there thumbnail is the “Extreme_FinalMix_HDTV_3_SHEET” generated one, not the “split-sheet episode thumb (full fan)” generated one.

Could this be a cache issue or am I going at this wrong?

Hi drizzt09,

Sorry i’m getting a little lost …

Not 100% why you using a moviesheet as the folder.jpg ??

perhaps a screenshot would help explain…

However i would think your issue is a cache one, try clearing the movie library and let the Hub rebuild again…

Also on your via your pc goto the .wd_tv\thumb folder and delete its contents

It was a cache issue. figured it out.

I am using the “split-sheet episode thumb (full fan)” template because I like the thumb it makes with the Episode number and name. I have now edited this to flip it upside down as I like it this way better.

I have then setup ThumbGen to automatically generate Moviesheet, xml, and the folderthumb.

In thumbGen I have created a TV profile with the following options:

General Tab:

  • Generate: Movie Information, Main moviesheet, Extra moviesheet

TV Shows/Series/Anime:

  • check mark all but the top 2

Moviesheets tab:

  • Main: Extreme_FinalMix_HDTV_3_SHEET

  • Extra: split-sheet episode thumb (full fan)

Input/Output Naming:

  • MovieInfo Export: $M$N .xml

  • Main Moviesheet: $M$N .jpg

  • Extra Moviesheet: $M\folder .jpg

Folder structure is:

TV Series\TV Series Name\Season Name\Episode Name\Episode.avi

Then I Process. I will get some screenshots or video of the outcome after my wife is done watching Parenthood off the hub now. :slight_smile:



NOT WITH THE HUB BUT THE WIFE… just can’t get on the hub through the TV, cos the missus is always watching the tv!!

Why do we toil and trouble over technology, when (if we are very lucky) we might just manage to get an hour to watch or try out things with the hub when the wife has just gone to bed!! hehehe

anyway- just a light hearted reflection, which made me chuckle somewhat.

OK screen shots… a little blurry

Home screen after clicking on videos:

After clicking on “TV Series” folder [Big Bang Theory highlighted]:

After clicking on Big Bang Theory Folder you will see all the season folders [I only have season 4]:

After clicking on the Season folder you see the episode folders. Icon generated by  “split-sheet episode thumb (full fan)”. You will notice they are different. EP17 is the original format, but the EPnumber is slightly cut off by the folder. So I edited the template to flip it upside down, which you will see in EP15:

After clicking on EP17 you get the Movie sheet generated by “Extreme_FinalMix_HDTV_3_SHEET”:

Using folders like this it has 0 lag which is great and will be a pretty beneficial structure if you have multiple seasons of multiple series.

Great work! I’ll be borrowing that idea for my shows! :smiley:

Mind sharing the edited template? 

yep, no problem. I have a few other minor tweaks. Do you want “asis”?

Im in the process of converting this entire series of templates [made by extremedigital] to a full screen mode.

Stretch it down to fill the space at the bottom. There will be both versions when Im done.

Actually, I ended up editing the template myself that night. Thanks though, looking forward to seeing your work!