Spins up but no network connection


This is the closest I could find to mybookworld (white). Last week it stopped showing on the network and wasn’t detectable with utility; IP (static) & etc. I could hear it spin up and it sounded like data was being read in the process. The power button didn’t work nor did the reset button, so I suspected the board that controlled that. I took the HD out and removed that assembly to just the hard drive with data & power pin connections.

Next plan is to buy a SATA dock and see if I can at least access the data for recovery (fortunately, nothing vital because I also have cloud backup). I’d appreciate any other ideas or direction here.

Many thanks!


Hi gdurkee, sorry to hear you had problems with the My Book World. The internal format of the drive is ext3, in order to access your files you need to use Linux or a 3rd party program installed on Windows that allows you to read this file system. 

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Excellent. Thanks. Would this work (it’s from the next post)?

1)disconnect all the other drives in the desktop in order not to affect anything and connect only the wd drive on any sata port

2)boot from live usb of ubuntu

3)click on try ubuntu (installation is not needed)

4)when it boots open a terminal and write: sudo apt-get install mdadm

5)in the first prompt just say yes and enter

6)in the coloured window that appears press TAB and select OK

7)then highlight No configuration and then tab and ok

8)after mdadm installation finishes you return to the prompt

9)then run this: sudo mdadm --assemble --scan

  1. on the left pane you will be able to see all the partiotions of your WD my world edition (white light) because the software raid partition will be then mounted

  2. go ahead and read, copy to another drive (you may connect any external usb drive or whatever) do whatever you like to your data

Thanks again,