Spinning arrow of death

I know there was a long discussion already about fixing the UPnP of your server (or something like that) if you select a file and it never starts. What about those of us with limited knowledge of these things? I plugged everything in, set it up, all files played for almost a year. Now I have to unplug the WDLive unit for awhile and then I can play one more file until it happens again. Don’t really want to pay for a different unit.

Dude, if that started to happen out of the blue and you didn’t update the firmware or changed something on your network then it’s going bad. Do a factory reset and re-do your network shares for testing. If that doesn’t do it you’re down to replace it.

The device could be going bad, or you could have some corrupted files on the drive your streaming from.  You might want to try playing the file on a computer to see if it plays.  if it does, it could be something with the WD TV. If the file gives you problems on the pc, it might be corrupted.

Thanks to you both (would have sent a Kudos star but it’s not working for some reason).

How do I do a factory reset?

And I will try files on my PC, good idea. I was thinking one file in particular had done this (I had been trying to play it for awhile but it never loaded) and deleted it but I guess it may have messed up the unit for good :frowning: It’s just barely a year old.