Spindowns-spinups or "pausing" all the time

Hello, I am experiencing frequent spindowns followed by immediate spinups. It sounds like a faulty power supply, but I would like your expert opinion. The drive itself works, but it’s quite often interrupted by these “pauses”

It’s a two years old 500GB MyBook Studio, no matter if connected via FW or USB, the problem is the same

You can hear the sound here (it’s the sound that repeats for four times):


Any advices? Thanks!

I would suggest you to try a new 12V AC adapter.

Or if you have an volt meter to check the output of that AC adapter.

To see if it deliver 12V or more but not less.

If it is less than 12V, replace that AC adapter.

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Thanks thanarath! That sounds likely, will try it out.

I am sorry to reply so late…

It was not due to a faulty power supply - it was giving perfect 12V… I took the drive out of the enclosure and the problem’s still present :frowning: This is my second failed WD drive in 2 years (both were less than 3 year old). I’m not buying WD again in near future.

Thanks for your suggestion, though.


I am very happy to help one another that need help like you.

I own many WD products both PC and MAC myself and very happy with them.

I understand that one day these things will fail.

The best thing to prevent this from failing too soon is to keep it cool.

If your drive is still under warranty, you can contact WD tech support to get it replace.