Speed Transfer from internal to external HDD

I’m trying to do a backup of my internal HDD in my NAS to an external USB3 HDD (diretcly plugged in the NAS), but speed transfer is very slow (~5 MB/s).
I’m doing it from Windows Explorer, Is there a way to copy my files at a faster speed, at least the USB3 speed?
I used to transfer files from my PC to this disk at 100 MB/s when it was directly plugged in my PC…
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello there,

Have you tried doing a NAS to USB, you should be able to see this feature under backup, hopefully this has better transfer speed.

Check this link for help with this process:

Thanks for your reply,
Yes, I noticed this option and that’s why I finally did (at a higher speed, indeed), but I had to save 1.4 TB on a 1 TB external HDD, so choosing specific folders to complete only 1 TB is not really practical with this method…
I hoped there would be an internal file explorer, or an internal app for this, but I couldn’t find…
Anyway, my backup is made and ready, when I need these files back, I’ll use the ‘USB to NAS’ backup task to reverse the operation, it should be fast I hope.
Thanks again for your help, if there’s another app to manually backup some specific files or folders, please tell me ^^

Simple. You can do better not 100Mbps. Just connect he hard disk to pc USB 3.0 which used to get.

Now select the folder’s as previously selected and copy in the connected hard disk in the pc. It will still be fastest as possible.

I did and reached average of 70+Mbps but it will fluctuates. Even though the network copy to pc is 100Mbps but doing directly to USB hdd will cause buffer over run and will slightly slowdown the speed a bit.

let us know if you are able to achieve the above rated speed. I know it will take hours to do that. But still this will be same even if you do from NAS to connect USB port on the backside. for my way and your generic way pc has to be online and facilitate the transfer.

Only usb backup doesnt need the pc to be on till the completion just the initiation phase it is required.

Thanks for your reply, but I don’t understand how I am supposed to connect the HDD from the NAS to the PC, is there a direct link I can use for that??

What i understood is you are connecting usb 3.0 hdd to back of the NAS ex2 ultra

Instead you connect to pc via usb 3.0 port if not then you are limited to usb 2.0 port speed of 30Mb/s

I also see the usb 3.0 on ex2 is not upto the mark. But i havent tried it yet on flash storage to see if it can read 150+MB/s as i have extreme series that can read 240MB/s and write 100+MB/s

Let me know if this clears your doubt.

I have no use of connecting the USB HDD to PC because data are on NAS, I want to do a backup from to the NAS to the HDD, that’s why I plugged it to the NAS, not the PC!
I don’t know the real speed of the NAS’ USB port but the transfer was much faster when I did internal backup from the NAS to the external disk