Specific albums on phone going to specific folders on mycloud

all currently
I have designated in the mycloud app to send all photo and vids to a specific folder share on the mycloud nas.
is there anyway to have specifc albums on my phone to goto specific folders on my nas?

also how do i designate other folders on my phone to go to specific folders on the nas.

thanks in advance

What phone do you have? Have you read up on your phone to see if it tells you how to do this or if it will?

i have a samsung galaxy s6
but i would think this is more dependent on the mycloud app than it is on the phone?

Check your settings in your phone. The image below shows mine is set to sync my photos to my Google account and they are sent to my Public folder in My Cloud under my gmail.com account.

I suggest you check out the User Manual for your version of My Cloud.

Myself, I have the My Samsung Galaxy S6 book too. It can be bought at Barnes and Noble or other book stores. I refer to it when I have problems.

All my new uploads from phone and iPad go into a MC NAS folder I created called New Uploads, and from there I access the folder and move all the files to appropriate folders I have set up for photos and one for videos. You will likely want to make folders for the way you want them arranged.