'Special' USB My_Passport Cable unreliable, non-robust, low-availability

I am disappointed in the ‘Special’ UDB cable on your 4TB My-passport 2.5" for the above reasons. I would pay more for a USB-3.0 ‘standard’ cable (USB at BOTH ends !!). The ‘small’ end of the required supplied cable is more delicate, unreliable due it’s size than std. USB. I have used similar from Seagate GoFlex 1.5TB 2.5" with decreasing reliability due non-standard USB cable weakness and wear. The smaller non-standard connector became unreliable, compromises and invites damage for this class of service. As you know better than I, if I damage the drive-end of this micro connector; my data is probably toast. Further, cable replacement upon a cable failure is pushing water up hill; my retailer looked at me cross-eyed and left me your web-site.
I strongly ask, wish, plead, desire, wonder about, and try to resist evil emotions, about the lack of availability of a ‘real’ standard USB cable for this class of high capacity portable drive.
It would be more reliable, less prone to connectivity/data errors due minor movement in a mobile setting (a guaranteed event during mobile use), less wear/damage prone, and quickly replaceable upon loss or wear damage. Ladies and Gentlemen, please.

There’s nothing non-standard about that cable – it’s a standard connector – USB 3.0 Micro B to be specific.