Sound through AV Out

The WD TV Live is connected to my TV through HDMI, and to my HiFi Amplifier through AV Out (jack - RCA).
The sound through the amplifier is only OK on the right loudspeaker, no sound through the left one. When I connect my Ipod to the jack (the same one I plug into the WD TV Live), the sound is OK on both sides.
I guess I will have to return the device to the dealer in Madrid? Or could it be something I am doing wrong?
Thank you

Are you using the AV lead that came with the WDTV or are using your own lead?

Thank you for your answer, I am using my own lead, as the one provided with the WD TV Live was too short.

Then try the WDTV lead and, if it works, then you know it’s your lead and not the Live that’s the problem.

If it is the problem, do longer WD leads exists?

Well, you’re putting the cart before the horse – you need to see if that’s the problem first.

If it is, then you just need to get a lead that is wired correctly.  It doesn’t have to be a WD lead, but the easiest thing to do is to just extend the WD lead – Radio Shack sells *exactly* these cables (they will have a female RCA plug on the leads that you attach to the end of the WD cable, and then male RCA plugs at the end to attach to your equipment).


You were right, it works fine with the original lead… I will buy an extension to the lead :wink:

Thank you for your time !