SOS! My Book Live 2 TB stopped showing up on the network

My 2 TB My book live suddenly stopped showing up on the network. It was working great until recently. It is connected directly to my TPLINK N 750 router. It used to show up on my Samsung smart TV, all hand held devices including Tablets and mobile phones and on my laptop running Windows 8.
Once, late at night I noticed data being read like crazy from my MBL when I switched off the router. Next morning when I switched the router back on, MBL was fine (light was green) and when I tried to access content, it didn’t play. After a restart of the MBL the light didn’t turn green. Two days ago I tried to ping the device which it did successfully and the light turned back green and also it played some content on the Samsung TV only, but it did not show up on the network or on any of the hand held devices through the WD cloud app. After another restart of the MBL, the light is yellow and didn’t turn green to this day. Also it stopped showing up on the smart TV. I have a lot of content on the disk which is also not backed up unfortunately. Please let me know if you need any other information. I have also tried connecting it directly to my Laptop to no avail.
Please help!!

Sorry I forgot to mention, I have reset the device a several times.

I have a permanent red light on the device :frowning:

Hello, as you have tried basically all the troubleshooting that I can think, I would recommend you to contact support and see if they have any more information on how to resolve this.

Hey… thanks for your response. I have contacted support and they wanted me to dl the wd discovery softwate which i did… it also didnt catch the device connected either way… waiting on further instructions…

Me also facing almost similar situation now!,
Can anybody helps us?

Be careful of resets, if not done properly via the dashboard. Unplugging power can kill the device. See manual.

But since you now have red LED, if under warranty, contact WD.
If not, the only option is to unbrick the device. Search for the guides on this forum.