Sorting Strangeness


I’ve had a WDTV Live Streaming for a few months now and although I mostly like it, it has some strange quirks that I don’t understand.

I have some TV series that I have metadata for in XML format with a jpg for the covers.  I’ve gone through each one to try to figure this out but it won’t sort them properly.  I have them all with the same title format, all with the same filename format, I’ve checked the xml files one by one to make sure those were all the same format.  The seasons and shows have appropriate zeros in front as needed.   And yet, I get a mess of organization.  The one I’ve been working on today starts out correctly with the pilot, then goes through seasons 3 & 4 then goes back to the remaining parts of season 1 followed by seasons 2, 5 and 6 in that order.  I’ve tried everything I know to do, I’ve stripped the xml and jpg’s completely and redid the metadata 3 times with no success and the same sorting.  I’ve had it rescan after redoing the XML’s hoping it will catch the mistake but to no avail.  And that’s not the order they are on the disc.  On the hard drive, the naming structure is all the same. In the “Movies” section the filenames are all the same but in the folder section, there are two different naming structures and I don’t know how to change that since that’s not how they are on the hard drive.  It’s really strange and really frustrating.

Any help would be super appreciated.  Thanks so much in advance!

You may use the option to Clear the Media Library, it will not erase any data stored on the drive.  You may also reset the WDTV, by holding its reset button for 3 seconds.

I am not sure but seem to remember something about it sorting tv show by title not S1E1