Sorting files from a NAS

Hi all,

I have searched in all this forum an answer to my problem but nobody seems to have this problem or just something similar.

From my WDLiveHub, using FreeMi UPNP, I can access the files on my computer and all of them are sorting by filename alphabeticaly. 

Recently, I bought a DNS-325 Nas on which I have put all my files from my computer. Using the UPNP option on the Nas, i can access these files threw my LiveHub. The problem is that the files are sorting randomly and I don’t have access to the sort option (green button) like I do when I sort files on the internal storage of the LiveHub.

Is this a problem with UPNP servers in general ? Why FreeMi is doing the job and not the NAS ? How can I manage this ?

Thanks for the solutions you can give me.

Yes, the issue is with your DLNA / UPnP server.   The server is responsible for all sorting & filtering options.

You might have better luck posting in the DLINK communities…

Ok, sorry for putting this in the wrong forum and thanks for your advice. I will look for answers at D-LINK forums.