Sort by Album

Now that the latest firmware has improved the Media Library, I’m using filters more. I’d like to Filter by Artist and then sort by Album. If there is no way to do this at the moment, would anybody be interested in a request to add this in the “Ideas Lab”?

Im in, this would be really helpful.  Due to the way the Hub sorts stuff, I have my music in folder that are named “artist-year-album name”. It works fine but it would be nice if the Hub did this on it’s own. I end up not really using the filters very much as they are not that helpful. Search is a function I am more prone to use to find things or just browsing through the folders

so my setup looks like this for AC/DC albums. Kind of a pain in the A$$ to get it set up originaly but at least now when I am browsing my music folders I see the bands and albums in the correct order.

ACDC - 1976 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 

ACDC - 1977 - Let There Be Rock                                   

ACDC - 1978 - Powerage                                            

ACDC - 1980 - Back In Black                                       

ACDC - 1981 - For Those About To Rock                            

ACDC - 1988 - Blow Up Your Video                                  

ACDC - 1997 - Live from the Atlantic Studios


I have my music organised in folders \Artist \ Album\ track number-track name. Up until this firmware update I just used the Folder view which wasn’t really using the Media Library. Now I’m using the Library the filtering and sorting could be really useful, especially as I have a large collection of audio files. The Library is also showing up some tagging errors I’ve made, so I’m cleaning up those as well.