SONY PS4 installing 2.5 7mm mobile HDD




I spoke to Sony Support and on their forum and everybody I spoke to said that it wasn’t possible to install a 2.5 7mm WD Black 1TB Mobile Drive would not fit and it wouldn’t work. Which is a crock of horse manure.

“I’ve been building and maintaining my own computers, laptop, tablets, Apple, Android… you name I’ll support it. Including my gaming rigs for the best part of 18 years now and I work in the IT Industry for nearly as long. But I only moved over to Console gaming in the last 15 months. So I am still relatively new to the whole concept of console gaming but what I do know is hardware. Hardware all follow one rule. Standardisation, which basically mean… they all talk the same language regardless of who has manufactured the product, it is a universal standard like OEM.”

SATA is SATA it does not matter what product is using it. The technology is the same, which is where I knew that it would fit and I knew that it would work. Coupled with years of experience I knew that what Sony was dealing me was a crock of horse manure, and I know from my own experience that it’s was more than plausible but a matter of High Probability that it would work straight out of the box, which is exactly what it did. And boy is it fast. When I pick up my PS4 Pro next week I will give an update and let you all know how I get on.

Well I can confirm that it does work and boy is it fast… so how to install the HDD, well is as easy to remove your original HDD and replace this with your new WD Black 1TB Mobile Drive

POWER OFF YOUR PS4 BEFORE REPLACING THE HDD. Go to the Power Settings and turn off your PS4. Before going any further so not to damage your Games Console. Download the PS4 OS before you remove the HDD. Unplug the power cable incase of accidental power on.

Removing the HDD does not void your warranty at all. Sony allows you to upgrade your HDD without voiding your warranty. Unlike other console manufacturers who won’t let you change the HDD and you have to use a seagate external HDD instead. No names mentioned who this is. XXXXXX

Just remember to keep the original HDD in a safe place. So when you come to sell your PS4 to GAME or CEX in the UNITED KINGDOM which will be about £120 but this can go towards your new console. Every little helps…

  1. Depending on your model of PlayStation the installation of the HDD is different

  2. Push and slide the top left panel to the left and it will click open. Lift upwards and you will see your HDD. Remove the screw on the left of the HDD Caddy. And then remove the HDD.

  3. Remember to install the HDD in the same way as you took it out. If your memory isn’t that good I would take a photo on your phone for reference. Generally make sure that the HDD label side up towards the top of the caddy. Because this is designed for a 2.5 9mm HDD there will be a cap near the top of the caddy. This is normal so don’t worry about this. On the PS4 Slim and Pro the HDD caddy is at the rear. You just flip a cover out and undo the screw, and pull the HDD out.

  4. Putting the HDD back in is the same way as taking out. Before your turn on your PS4 Console insert the USB thumb drive and then restart your Console and because the HDD is completely clean it will automatically run a clean install for the first time.

  5. Install PS4 OS and then login and job done. Bearing in mind SATA III is backwards compatible so it will run on SATA II and SATA III. PS4 Pro is SATA III so this HDD will be fast.

  6. Because the HDD is 7200 RPM you may be saying to yourself but it will draw more power and get hotter. Actually no more than normal. The PSU in the PS4 Pro is a kettle lead and it can handle the power consumption of the HDD running at 7200 RPM. So don’t worry about that…

Therefore, SONY regardless of your comments it does work and I can confirm the power output isn’t that much of a standard 2.5 9mm HDD and it does work. And boy is it fast…

I will post an update next week when I’ve setup and installed my PS4 Pro put my backup onto this new HDD. I will let you know how it performs with the new HDD installed.


Thank you for sharing this information. I have a PS4 myself and will probably try this in the future.

No problem. I’ll give an update next week. It might be on the weekend as I’m working so if I don’t update the post I will on the weekend. That’s not this weekend but the following weekend. :neutral_face:

Okay after being up for 19hrs yesterday by the time I have picked up my PS4 Pro. I can confirm that this HDD does work very well indeed. What I can say is the load times are very noticeable compared with a 5400 RPM HDD. Running The Division now takes about 14 secs. Compared with the other HDD it has shaved off at least nearly 18 secs off the load time compared with the previous PS4 and the HDD has made such a massive difference. Considering this HDD is only £69 I do not understand why Sony doesn’t put a 7200 RPM HDD in their Consoles because it does work… don’t worry about the fact this HDD is 7MM mobile HDD. It still lines up with the Data and Power SATA socket in the console very well indeed.

So I can confirm that this HDD does fit the PS4 it does work in both the PS4/Slim/Pro consoles because the architecture is the same when it comes to SATA connections. If you want to increase the load times of you games and increase the RD and WR of your HDD then I would highly recommend using this HDD. You will not be disappointed I can assure you. You will notice a difference in the speed and load times of your games. I was blonde away when I tested this on my old PS4 how fast the HDD is. The performance is just outstanding and awesome.

Okay a week into my new console with the WD HD SATA 3 Mobile HDD is performing very well. I would highly recommend anybody to get one of these as the load times on this HDD is awesome. I tested this on my previous PS4 as well and it worked very well indeed.

So if you are thinking of upgrading your console HDD then look no further than getting one of these. I hear you asking but the PS4 is not SATA 3. SATA 3 is backwards compatible so if you install a SATA 3 into a SATA 2 device it will work as SATA 2 and not SATA 3 but the performance will be of SATA 2. But the fundermental difference is the read and write speed of this HDD. Because it isn’t the stock HDD of 5400 rpm it runs at 7200 rpm which is more than a 3rd in speed.

Highly recommended and I don’t understand why Sony doesn’t out a 7200 rpm HDD in their consoles is quite beyond me. Because they work so bloody well in the console.