Sony bdp-370 and MyBookMovies

this sony player plays music files fine from the mybooklive but doesn’t play movies from mybooklive but does from usb drive.

i found out it only supports MPEG-2 movies via DLNA 1.5 upstreaming. so i converted one of the mp4’s to mpeg-2 and it still doesn’t show it. and the file size grew by x10 too!

looking for recommendations of a blue-ray player replacement for this sony 370 that is more flexible in displaying movie formats from DLNA upstreaming.


[Not able to see media files via DLNA]

i saw the above thread title and read/tried its recommendations, nada, sony’s BDP-S370 see nothing from Twonky.

anyone got a recommendation for a device like this sony, besides getting a new tv, that will work with Twonky?

hard to believe no recommendations.  no matter, i’m going to get a xios or aios. compared them to WD live, reviews read good and not too expensive. way more open than the proprietary sony world.

The issue also might be related to the file types supported by the built-in media server from the My Book Live.