Sonous 3 can not find wdmycloudex4100


I have a sonos 3. I can not add my NAS as a music share. 1tb of iTunes music.

Only my sonos will not connect to the wdmycloudex4100. Connection always fails at the last step i,e error, the computer wdmycloud can not be found.
connection is via a category 6 network through a netgear 16 port gigabit switch. bluetooth is only used from device to the sonous. i.e. phone to sonous.

I have tried for 15 hours and failed. Although the sonous 3 will connect to other computers (mac) two i pads one apple phone and a windows phone. From these and their working apps i can play music from other computer/s on the network. Although these would have to be permanently on, so defeating one of the reasons to have a NAS. Power up when required.

I also have a cyrus signature music streamer, this connects faultlessly with the NAS as does all other electronic devices.

The NAS works just fine any issues with it are probably, user error, i will go into those on another thread. It can be accessed via dashboard, apps etc, files can be added and deleted.

Someone may give me the advice of you should be on the sonos forum ( I am ) sonos says it is wd, wdmycloud says it sonos, I was hoping someone who does not work for these companies may be able to help me out.

I have tried, swearing, crying, hiding under the table, deflection, stern looks walking about. These still have not solved the problem. If i receive a reply i will elaborate further.

Last question how do i know if i receive a reply?


Hi lfonlyitworked,

You can have a look at this KBA;