Some Vimeo videos are cropped


I’m experiencing Vimeo on the WD Live Hub for the first time, as I’ve managed to bring network connectivity in the room where there’s the TV set. It mostly works fine, but a few videos look cropped, on all borders (I’m comparing with the version rendered on the laptop). There are no other problems with the Live Hub setup, and the aspect of the video has been set to 95%, so I can see a thin black border around everything (Live Hub screens, menus, still photos, other videos). I’ve upgraded the firmware just yesterday.



Check page #45 of the User’s manual for information on how to change the viewing scale of the video playback screen.

Thanks Hamlet, but this doesn’t work. The “Options” feature is available when playing videos locally stored, while I’m referencing to the Vimeo service. Pressing “Options” when playing from inside the Vimeo app does nothing.

page 178, Settings\Appearance\Screen Size Calibration

It will affect all apps

Thanks, but as I wrote in my post I already did that, and the screen size is perfectly calibrated for anything else. I stress the fact that some Vimeo videos are ok, others aren’t: thus it sounds as a problem with the Vimeo app.

I can add that I did also some experiment, by temporarily reducing the size of the screen at the minimum: the broken videos are still clipped.

My guess would be, since the Vemo app in the Hub is old, at least a year, it is now outdated by changes at Vemo’s site and the way they present things. Since the Hub is EOL, there probably won’t be any update to fix it.