Some thoughts and problems with my WD HD TV Live

I’ve owned a WD HD TV Live for some months now and wanted to share some problems and thoughts I had.

I use this device in combination with my WD My Passport 1TB and use it to play 720p and 1080p MKV files. After a fresh boot (first boot after connecting the power cable) my HD is ready to use in 10 to 20 seconds and my movie plays fine. However, when I turn the device off and want to finish watching a movie the next day it goes wrong 9 out of 10 times. I start my device, it takes up to 2 minutes to read my hard drive and when I try to “resume playback” all I get is stuttering video and audio. 

Now, for my thoughts on this device. Before I had this device I normally connected my laptop to my tv and used Plex (or xbmc for windows) to play my movie. One of the more powerful features of these kinds of software are their Media Libraries. They use their ability to connect to the internet to provide you with IMDB information such as user rating, short plot and background fan art. Why doesn’t the WD HD TV Live make use of its internet connection to do the same?