Some Questions for The Hardcore Users

Hi Guys,

I’ve been trying to find the information I’m about to ask by looking through the various posts, but quite frankly, I keep hitting non-sensical answers or posts which don’t actually provide the answers at all.

I have a few very simple questions about the WD TV Live Hub, which hopefully the more seasoned veterans out there will be able to answer.

1). Does the WD TV Live Hub support standard Windows Network Shares with NTFS permissions or is it SAMBA only?

I use a Windows Server 2003 with various shares (NO MEDIA SERVER) set with NTFS permissions. Can the WD TV Live Hub be set to access these shares to play the content stored in them without the need of a Media Server (ie. Twonky, etc)?

2). All my DVDs are ripped to ISO. I believe that the WD TV Live Hub is capable of reading the ISOs, but can it handle the menus, etc?

3). Can the WD TV Live Hub play Blu-Ray ISOs?

4). Only needs to be answered if  question 3 is Yes. Can the WD TV Live handle the menus on Blu-Ray ISO?

5). As I can’t really get a straight answer from any of the forums/posts I’ve been reading, do either the WD TV Play or WD TV Live (not hub) streamers support all the above functionality or is the WD TV Live Hub the only player meet the above requirements (providing the answer is Yes to the previous questions)?

Lastly, without wishing to offend anyone, I would appreciate answers only from those who actually know what they’re talking about, and not those who “heard somewhere”.

Many Thanks in advance.


  1. It can support standard Windows shares just fine.

  2. Yes, DVD menus are supported.  There are rare instances were DVD menus may not work (things like DVD Recorders, home-made DVDs, etc. have been reported to cause problems.)

  3. Sort of.  It can look inside the ISO and find the longest M2TS segment, but it does NOT read the playlist files or menus.

  4. No.

  5. Asside from #4, *all* WD “Live” models do 1-3.   This includes the Live HD, Live Plus, Live SMP and Live Hub.



Thank you very much for your response. This was exactly the answer(or answers) I was looking for.

Many Thanks for keeping it to the point and answering all the questions.

All the best,