Some questions about the WD TV Live Media Player

Hi -

I’m new to this forum; I’m considering purchasing a WD TV Live Media Player to replace my Netgear Digital Entertainer EVA2000. Before I do that, I wanted to ask a few questions of the users of the device.

I’m interested in this mostly as a means to stream audio content (MP3, etc) from my computer to my receiver; with this in mind, I would appreciate any feedback on the following:

  1. Does the device allow for flexiblity in the playback order? The EVA2000 only plays in alpha order (as opposed to album order). This is crazy to me, but there isn’t a fix besides nesting the track number in the file name (which, while possible, would be horribly time-consuming and, imho, should be unnecessary).

  2. How is the search function? I have a pretty large music collection and want a device that makes searches easy.

I appreciate any feedback/guidance/advice anyone could provide.

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You might want to look elsewhere if that is your target. Sounds like you might want an audio streamer rather full blown media streamer? Most multimedia streamers tend to neglect  things like play lists, play orders, search etc.

Try posting this question on which is a more global forum for various multimedia machines.

I agree.  Actually, if this is what you want to do, iTunes (with just, say, an Airport Express unit) is ideal.  Nothing can play music better.

However, if you want on-screen (on your television) navigation, then you need front loading menus.  The new AppleTV is probably *exactly* what the doctor ordered (assuming you are willing to wait).