Some Question about

Hi all,

some question:

a) How to see which firmware are in this moment my WDTV HD…

b) I have an WD My passport 500gb connected usb to my WDTV HD… is there any possibility to show the folder icon and movie list like “details” in pc? or more small? Now are very big and if you have more then 50 track into folder…:manvery-happy:

c) Is there any possibility to show “folder” and “track” default icon… with any image format like "folder " and “poster” of movie?

Thanks and best regards, Italo … Kobe_24

Your post sounds more like an Idea or a Feature Request. The best place for this is in our Ideas Lab. This way someone from WD will be sure to see it. However, I would search first and make sure that there isn’t another idea similar to yours that you could add your post to and vote on.

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