Some Questhions before i buy a WD TV Live


I want to buy 3 or 4 WD TV Live Player, but i have some questhions:

Are ISO-Files of DVD’s supported?

Are ISO-Files of Blu-ray’s supported?

Are .m2ts-Files from Blu-ray’s supported? About 25GB, 30mbit/s

Are multiple Languages and subtitles from .m2ts Files supported?

Thank you!

Greetings from Austria!

1->  Yes, DVD ISOs are fully supported.

2->  Yes, BD ISOs are supported, but there is no menu navigation.  It will just play the stream files.

3->  Yes.

4->  Not sure about that.

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Thx for the reply!

–> 4: The problem is, that for some movies you need subtitles - some scenes are spoken in other language :frowning:

Not sure about .m2ts files.  But the .mkv container files seem to support a variety of foreign subtitles.

I’ve played movies that were spoken in Chinese, and had subtitles available in English, French, Italian, etc.

It will depend on the particular file and whether or not it comes with the subtitle data or not. 

In other words, the subtitles themselves must be pre-generated and included with the video file.  So you must check for subtitle availability on a per file basis.

If its just the “some scenes are spoken in other language” your after. I believe they are forced and will show up anyways