Some of my .mp4 video files play but I can't see the video, I only hear the audio

I have a few .mp4 video files that play on my WD Live TV live but I can only here the audio and can’t see the video. I can play the files in VLC on my desktop, but for some unknown reason I can’t see them on the WD TV Live. I have other .mp4 videos that play and show video on the WD player, but I can’t see the difference in the files.

I’ve done numerous restarts, resets, reloads…

Any ideas?

download and install Mediainfo to investigate the video file (select “tree” view for detailed info)

One cause of of video files that have Audio but no Video is … (this has happened to me on 1 occasion)

if they are 10bit encoded (which WDTV do not support. 10bit decoding requires high CPU/GPU processing power)

VideoLan - VLC 2.0.5 *click link* < Does support 10bit encoded video files (see release notes in the link)

(remember VLC is a Software Decoder … WDTV is a Hardware Decoder)

if you see this in the Mediainfo “tree” output log view of your video file …

Format profile : High 10@L5.1
Bit depth : 10 bits

then you won’t get a Picture on the WDTV … you will need to re-encode the video to *8 bits*.

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I followed your suggestions and found the video was 10 bit.  I converted one of the mp4s to an .mkv and now it works. Thanks for thehelp.

What a pain in the butt, the conversion was real time, I’ll try to NOT download anymore mp4s.


Just to be clear, MP4 wasn’t the issue here, but 10 bit. You could have converted to MP4 and it would have worked too on the WDTV. You just had to go to 8 bit.

That’s a good point!