Some Help with new WD LIVE HUB

Hi to everyone i’m new and i have the WD LIVE HUB from some weeks.

I’d like to know if it’s possibile to insert and associated the cover to a video manually, and not dowloaded.

I try to download automatically but now i have the title film change in english idioma.

I try also to edit the xml file and replace with italian title but i view the english title again.

How it’s possible to replace original italian title?

Second question.

I try to download manually ad resize cover (185x27x) and put it with the .avi or .mkv file, but it’s visible at video only if you change a letter and replace again at name of .avi file, and if you switch off and than on the WD it’s no more visible.

This is a bug or my mistake?

Thanks for your help.


take a look at the documentation Im sure it will help