Some help with LIve SMP and movie folders

Hi there!

I just got a live smp to replace my dead (wdlxed) wdtv live+. I was hoping to have a similar browsing and moviesheet interface here without changing too many things on stock firmware. I found all these amazing themes and tried them. In general they seem to do what they should but I had a few issues or points of confusion which I hope my experienced wdtvers can provide guidance for:

  1. on the wdlxtv, I had the movies organized in individual folders (to make it easier to manage sa I have a few thousand packed into a 3tb drive!). To browse, I would click the parent folder (movies) and see a grid of movie covers. Click one would load the moviesheet jpg with all the details. THis worked well enough for me. According to recommendations here, it seems smp prefers all movies to be in ONE folder. THis would make the folder horribly messy for the move, subs, folder images, xml etc. I uploaded the titan theme to see what happens. The movie list is ok in the grid mode. But clicking the movie name, shows just the thumb and nothing else unless i changed the viewing mode. Is there anyway to reconcile this easily?

  2. for wdlxtv I was using the excellent LSTAR337 v3 theme which showed a detailed moviesheet with ratings, stars, subs, country, technical info and other metadata. Is there a theme for smp that would be the closest?

Thanks very much!

folder structure is really a matter of preference

having each movie in it’s own folder should work just fine

although, you thing you might be getting at

stock firmware does not support moviesheets for folders, only for files

with stock firmware you can get a theme which supports linksheets, but then the SMP is limited to 30MB max size

so you might get linksheets for about 10 folders and run out of room

custom firmware is an option

as for moviesheet creation, most folks here still use thumbgen

so as long as LSTAR337 v3 works well with whatever theme you choose, you could still use it

Thanks very much for your reply Kad79! Appreciate your time!

I am a little confused by your reply, however, attributes to me relative newness to the smp. You say having each movie in it’s own folder should work just fine but stock firmware doesnt support moviesheets for folders. So would that mean that I cannot get the following experience:

  1. First view all movie thumbs in a grid of 7x2. Each of these link to the folder where each movie is placed. I do not need to show metadata for each movie on this page like most themes tend to show.

  2. On clicking a thumb, open a view which shows fullscreen backdrops and other metadata for the movie. No thumbnails of other movies show up here - just this particular movie. Clicking select or play here starts playing the movie. 

This is how I had it in wdtvl live plus (with wdlxtv) and it worked very well. I would think it should be easy to achieve it here as I can get to either form separately but not together without changing the view mode back and forth.

I can understand that it may be possible to do this with custom firmware, but if posible, I would prefer to stick with the official one as it has so many other better features that I missed in the homebrew one for the prev gen one. 

Also I understand that linksheets may work but creating linksheets for the 2000 movies is bound to go over the 30mb limit 100 times over!

Thanks very much!