Some folders are locked in SMB share

I read a support article that recommended creating a share in Finder on OS X to speed up file transfer speed. My WD My Cloud is named “nas”, so I created a share to “smb://nas” (using Go > Connect to Server in Finder) and simple folder/file navigation speed is much improved. However, some of the folders on that share are now locked (appearing in Finder with red circles with white dashes) while most are not. I have never applied any special access configuration to any of the folders. The folders are not locked when accessing via the default AFP share created upon WD My Cloud installation, but the subfolder structure never seems to appear in Finder. SMP performs far faster than AFP, but poses the locking issue.  Ideas?  Thanks.


Are these “locked” shares Public shares, or are they Private shares? When the initial SMB connection was established, did you select the option to connect as a Guest, or did you connect as a Registered User? Do you encounter the same results when connecting by means of the CIFS protocol as opposed to the SMB protocol?

It’s a private share.  No difference using CIFS.  I believe I originally connected as a registered user when I created the SMB connection.  I don’t think I actually ever created a share on the NAS via the My Cloud app.  I think I just copied the directories/files from my Mac to the NAS.  Permissions are “daapd” = Read & Write and “everyone” = No access.  I have never heard of daapd and do not know why those permissions were created like that.  Completely confused at this point.