Some files play choppy from my WDTV Live

Some files play choppy from my WDTV Live. Files like *.MKV, *.OGM, and some *. AVI.

I use a WD 2TB MyBook Essential connected via USB 2.0  cable. Connect to TV with AV cable.

Another thing, most the movie played must be resize to 0.9x to fit my screen. Anyway to detect the movie automatically?

Hello and welcome to the forum!  :slight_smile:

MKV, OGM and AVI are “containers”.  Within those are audio and video streams encoded using “codecs”.  We’ll need to know the codecs and other media info to determine where the problem is.

There’s a free tool called MediaInfo that will analyse media and let you know a bunch of usefu info about it.

Download it here:

Copy / paste all that info here and we can hopefully find the problem and suggest a solution.  :wink:

Also, it would be helpful to know which firmware you have. :slight_smile: