Some avi files not showing on wd tv live hub

hi everybody.

my laptop downloads films ok ,the wd drive shows up on the laptop ok when i download a file i.e. a avi movie file and send to the wd ,drive some show up on the drive ok ,but some just do not show up at all .has anybody an idea were they go and why . and is there any way i can find them

 thanks you guys john

The movies don’t show in your WD TV, even if you restart the device?


i have switched it off, also tried reset factory settings.i have also noticed looking at the drive  contents on my laptop that for some strange reason some of the avi files are xml so i do not no how this has happened , but on the image of the wd drive some of the avi files are showing on my laptop but not on the wd tv live hub connected to the tv.

 thanks again john