[Solved] Unable to register my brand new DC HC530 drives

First of all - it is impossible to send you an email, providing the serial number(s) of the products in question!
Now, the real problem: On September 2, 2019 I bought two of your DC HC530 hard drives with the serial numbers that I provided you in the description of my case 091519-14110816, but both cannot be registered on your website under my account: The error message says: “it’s either an OEM product or the warranty has been voided”. The dealer I bought the drives from is the same very reputable IT dealer I bought all my Western Digital drives from (www.mindfactory.de) and I have quite a record on Western Digital drives. I ask you to fix the bug in your system and let me know as soon as I can register the drives on your website. Without the 5-year warranty, the drives are worthless to me. With the new purchase, I did not make the decision easy for myself, since your competition offers already 16TB enterprise-level hard disks with same warranty and also otherwise comparable basic data. I have relied on Western Digital to keep everything running smoothly, especially the registration process and, if necessary, an exchange should it become necessary.
Please give me quick feedback.

Update, September 16, 2019:
As it turns out, some Western Digital drives, especially DC HC530 are in fact HGST drives and thus cannot be registered in Western Digital system. Instead you are supposed to know that the warranty of the drives can be checked here: https://www2.hgst.com/portal/site/en/support/warranty/
Fine, I’m glad the mystery is finally solved, but I’d call it a very non-intuitive UX since there is a big “Western Digital” logo and a reference to www(dot)wdc(dot)com website upon the hard disk and no word of HGST whatsoever.