[SOLVED] Question about WD Sync and My Cloud NAS

Hi! I installed WD Sync on two HP laptops running Windows 10. Both are setup to synchronize files with a My Cloud NAS. One laptop is in the same physical office as the NAS, so it synchronizes via wireless LAN access. The other laptop synchronizes over the Internet. Both laptops synchronize files in the same folder on the NAS. This way, I can easily share files between the two laptops automatically.

For the most part, this works fine. I can create a file on one laptop and it “appears” on the other laptop, as expected. Recently, I discovered WD Sync, on one of the laptops, appears to be in a loop, where it’s trying to synchronize the same file over and over again and this file doesn’t exist in the folder structure that is being synchronized to the My Cloud NAS. It’s an email message I have no clue WD Sync decided needed to be synchronized.

In any event, I would like to “reset” WD Sync such that it will resume synchronizing only the files in the designated folder structure.

Anyone know how I can reset WD Sync?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Tomdkat,

You can reinstall updated version of WD Sync. This will initialize the network path and data files which are going to sync.

Great idea! I feel like an ■■■■■ for not thinking of that. :slight_smile:

I’ll give that a try.


Thanks again for that suggestion, asp73. I already had the latest version of WD Sync installed and I re-installed it. After re-installing, I found WD Sync picked up where it left off and kept trying to synchronize this one file. However, I was fortunate to see a sync error message appear that displayed the full path to the file being processed. With that information, I was able to locate the actual file and found over 1500 copies had been created! Each copy had a date and time stamp in the file name and the copies dated back to September. So, something caused WD Sync to get confused.

In any event, I was able to delete the duplicate files in all locations (both laptops and the My Cloud NAS) and the “mass replication” seems to have stopped.

We’ll see how things go.

Thanks again!