(Solved) New MyPPT ULTRA Writes 50X Faster - Images 3X Slower

SOLUTION: I used the 2018 MyPPt’s Cable & Port and the New did a 6b GB INCR in 9 min @ 785 Mb/s Write, so something was amiss with either the New’s original USB port or cable. Never tested different Cbl-Port B4 posting this believing a Write Incr from low 200’s Mb/s to 7-11 Gb/s could be part of a PROBLEM. THAT such could happen I wish I knew the answer to.

A New Black MyPPt Ultra just took 31 Minutes for Macrium Reflect v7 to Test Write Speed and about 5 minutes to Image & Verify (=36 min) a 9 GB Incremental. It read at 862 MB/s BUT WROTE at Never-Seen 10.5 GB/. Typical same size INCR on earlier MyPPts take 10 minutes.
4/17/18 Blue MyPPt 1TB WDBYNN0010BBL-0B … Read Full 126 GB Image at 290 MB/s Write @ 204 MB/s and took 3 hours.
Same New MyPPt did a 127 GB FULL Image in 2:58:09 Read at 231 MB/s and WROTE at 7 GB/s

WHAT is it about THIS UNIT taking so long for Macrium to - TEST WRITE SPEED - while Writing 35x - 50x faster but it taking Same or Longer to Image? Many Thanks for any knowledge shared!!