***SOLVED*** Can't connect USB Hard Drive

Give me a big DERP. I simple router reboot with the device attached solved the problem.

I have a My Net N750 and I’m trying to connect a USB hard drive (I’ve actually  tried 3). None appear in the list when I follow the “Set up Storage” wizard.  All three drive have been working on various computers for quite a while and are recognized by other computers when I moved them for testing this problem.  Two are Mac formatted and one is NTFS.  Thanks.

P.S. I also tried reformatting one of the drives.  I tried both NTFS and Mac Extended (Journaled).

When you try to map the USB shared folder manually they are not there?

I don’t even get that far. Step 2 of the “Set up Storage” wizard is “Listing Detected Storage Devices”, this is empty, no devices detected. Different drives and cable combinations yield the same result. I’m on the most current firmware.