Solved - Audio interrupts with WDTV Live every few minutes


After scouring the internet and my own testing I was able to fix this problem many others have reported with mostly bogus solutions (at least in my case).

Audio breaks for about a half second every 5 minutes consistently on video, MP3’s and streaming services.  

Resolution: Replace the HDMI cable

I had tried the following things before trying the easy test (HDMI cable):

Reverted to old firmware

reset device with a pin to bottom button

modified every system setting for audio and video over and over again

dozens of reboots

tried different hard drives

plugged drives in the front and back, thumb drives, powered drives

Now if someone can tell me how to get my Seagate 4 TB HDD to work everything will be fixed

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Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Small things tend to be overlooked even though they are important as well.