Solution to accessing My Cloud Mirror 2.10.310 via Mac OSX...?

I am not running El Capitan so this may not help you if your are running El Capitan. I stopped updating at Yosemite 10.10.5.

Get into your MCM dashboard and make sure under Settings-Network AFP is turned on
(for a year I didn’t need this but since the firmware upgrade my Mac won’t reliably connect)

Turn off the WiFi on your Mac then reboot it. I always do a ‘cold’ reboot (complete shutdown then restart) when troubleshooting.

In Finder:

Connect to Server…
In this dialogue box you need to do a few things
Select each individual server that you think is MCM and click Remove
Clear out anything in the Server Address box
Click the little dropdown arrow and Clear Recent Servers

What you’re trying to do here is clear out any references to the MCM that don’t work. Then turn on your Wifi and reboot you Mac.

If this doesn’t work the last thing you can try is in the Connect to Server box type in the Server Address
SMB:// or whatever the ip of MCM is
SMB://MyCloudMirror or whatever the name of MCM is

Good luck!


Thanks for sharing your experience with the community.

Hope this helps other users.

I do not have any “AFP” option in Settings-Network in the MCM dashboard.

Just try all of the other steps. The steps I outlined are for the My Cloud Mirror. The My Cloud is a little different.


This actually worked! My iMac is hardwired to network so I skipped the WiFi & reboot step. I think what made the difference was Clear Recent Servers in ⌘K. Once I did that and selected the drive, I was asked for my credentials to log on to the WD drive. Now I see the WD drive and it says I’m “connected as [username]”. I can now see my files in Finder. In iTunes, the path for my library was empty so I re-selected the iTunes Media folder on the WD drive and the library was rebuilt. Now I can download songs to that drive. So maybe it was as simple as that. I guess time will tell.

Thanks again.