Solution: How perform a *SAFE* file system check on /dev/md1?

Thank-you to WD for a quick answer to the problem.

The other issue encountered was that the option to scan the volume(s) also got stuck on the Initializing status and would not proceed so the file system check had to be performed manually.

For me the instruction to use /usr/bin/e2fsck /dev/md1 didn’t work. I had to use e2fsck /dev/md1

The file system check completed successfully.

My question was:

What I’m looking for is how to safely force a file system check on a volume while the DL4100 is starting up and I need someone with a lot of experience on how fsck and e2fsck work.

I refer you to: and

This is what I was thinking …

Currently /dev/md1 is set for: Maximum mount count:-1

Could I end-up with a DL4100 system that won’t start if I do this.

  1. Use tune2fs -c 1 /dev/md1
  2. Restart the NAS
  3. Use tune2fs -c -1 /dev/md1

Will e2fsck always run in non-interactive mode while running at start-up.