Solid white light, after solid red light

I had a MyCloud for a out a month before getting the solid red light. I have no idea why.

I used the 40 second reset numerous times and just before I sent it back to the shop, after another reset procedure, the white light is now solid.

12 hours later, it’s still solid white. What does this mean?

Hello, there have being some user that have had the White LED for a long time, what I would recommend you is that if you still have the White led, another reset if it doesn’t work I would contact WD Support and see if they have any more information.

I don’t want to reset again in case the red light comes back.

It has been too days of constant white light, support have been next to useless so far.

Was hoping for more joy on here?

Have you looked at any of the previous reports of this problem?

As I feared, I turned off the unit and turned it back on and now it’s solid red.

This device has been a monumental waste of time and waste of money.

Contact WD for a RMA. You can find all that you need from your Product Registration Page, hopefully you registered the My Cloud.

Did you have a lot of data on the My Cloud already? Do you have a backup of the data that was on the My Cloud?

Solid Red = bad harddrive. RMA / Exchange the unit for another

The disappointment with the device is almost matched by the uselessness of WD support & it’s community.