Software Problem

Dear fellow members,
I am looking for the fact that “Installing a software upgrading for a recall programming on water cooling system on a Ford Kuga which does not require such recall programming will cause the PCM to error or malfuntion and send wrong datas and signals to components and parts that it controls (engine cooling, timing, fuel injection, tranmission shift point, HVAC, AWD & etc) to work disorderly. As such the car will experience harsh shifting N to D, Intelligent AWD problems, coolant bypass & aircond problems”.
Background of my case was a mechanic had installed a recall software programming for water cooling system into ,my car’s computer that does not require such programming to upgrade my car’s water cooling system. His action had caused a suddend overload as shown on the dashboards which the the needle ofv engine temperature went to the maximum leve. The mechanic then switched off the ignition switch to stop the overloading. During the test driving I experienced harsh shifting from gear N to D.

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Hi, I had the same problem too.