Software driver for wd5000aaks


I cannot register my HD, as it is too old I presume, and I wish to format it. I cannot download the applicable software as the HD cannot be registered.

I wish to transfer this HD to a newer PC and need to reformat it after it is relocated.

Can somebody help me with the necessary software.

I am using Windows 7.

Cheers, Boggy

Try these links:

How to reformat drive:,295/session/L3RpbWUvMTM1OTg4MDMwNy9zaWQvaHhVdHhWaGw%3D

Hi trythesefirst,

Thank you for the tips. I have tried these before. The first one says that I should have a WD drive installed first. This is not possible as my (new) PC stops working when I put the drive in. The second one says that I cannot install the programme woithout a registered product. I tried to register my HD and was told this was not possible.

Try connecting the drive as a secondary drive and check if disk management can see it, if not it means the drive already failed.