Software doesnt show anything being backed up besides movies

So I let the first backup run over night.

When it first started it showed, music, pictures, movies, and the rest of the boxes under my computer

and in yellow the same boxes being updated on the hard drive.

When I got up in the morning it showed additional files in grey (under the hard drive) movies in blue

in the detail view everything is selected but only the movies has the back update listed. I ran it agian, but it doesnt back anything else up.

SO I navigated to the drive to see what was on it… and all the files are there. I can view everything. It is all in one folder…

Smart ware -> long string of letters -> C_ -> brandon, desktop, etc etc folders all listed…

So… is it really backing up everything? and if it is, why is the software only showing that it is backing up movies?

Should I reformat the drive and start fresh?

thanks for any help

**Also I just noticed that on the system side of the software it only shows the gray system info box, and a blue movies box. None of the other boxes like pics, music, etc etc

so no one has any solutions? or did I do a bad job of explaining my issues?

Have you tried contacting WD’s Technical Support about this?

To Contact WD for Technical Support

What OS and what version of SmartWare are you using? From the file path is sounds like a Windows OS. You should be running SmartWare version If so, right-click on the SmartWare icon in the system tray by the clock and choose “Exit SmartWare”. Wait a few seconds and then right-click on it again and choose “WD SmartWare” from the menu. This will stop the background service and then start it again. The software may re-allocate your files. Then go to the Retrieve tab and see if the data shows up in there. If not, I would do what you recommended. Exit SmartWare again, delete the WD_SmartWare backup folder from the drive. Open SmartWare and start the backup again. Another thing to do is defragment and run check disk on your internal drive before you do a new backup to make sure that the internal drive has no errors and is not to heavily fragmented.