Software Buggy

I recently purchased the Passport Essential 500GB to backup a relatively small amount (30GB) of files.  I installed the software and it just doesn’t seem to work well on my computer (Windows XP on a Dell Inspiron E1705, pretty old computer).  I was just wondering if there is any real disadvantage to manually putting what I want on the external drive and just uninstalling the software?  I am basically afraid that my computer is going to die any day now and want to make sure I have copies of my iTunes, pictures, school/work related documents, etc in a safe place.  Do I really need the software or can I just use this as essentially a large flash drive? 



Since you don’t think it’s working that well I would uninstall the Smartware and manually backup then you will know what is there smartware can be quirky. I only used it once and uninstalled it.


Yes, you can use this drive as a big flash drive, you do not need to use any software, specially if you do not trust the backup application.

There is not any real disadvantage.