SN850 1TB - Unable to start computer after installing driver


Just installed the 1tb SN850 into my Asus X570 motherboard and my computer does not start up. I cant press Delete to go into Bios.

I am currently running a SN750 nvme and it runs Windows. I was looking to expand my storage so decided to use the other nvme slot.

I uninstall the hard drive and the computer is able to start.

I updated the latest BIOS. Anyone have similar issue? is it a bad ssd?

try the ssd in another machine first, X570 does have some issues with some SSD products

Can be an old Bios version.
Did you install the latest Bios Version ?

updated BIOS and Firmware, tried hooking up via PCI-E slots and still computer doesnt boot.

Which SSD in which slot ?
The second SSD (SN850) only a data-disk without system-files ?