SN750 WDS100T3X0C How Update FW in QNAP NAS

Hi all, first post although have many WD NAS drives.

In installed a 1TB SN750 SSD in my QNAP NAS. it featured on their compatibility list, I ordered and it appears be installed and working nicely.

But I’m wondering how to update the FW having read a few negative posts about speed.

I downloaded the WD SW tool which sees a Samsung SSD on my old laptop but I see no options to view the SN750 in the NAS.

Just wondering if there is a guide or instructions how I might best do this? Appreciate any help you might be able to offer

Anyone out there or from WD have a direction on this please?

Keen get the new device up to date and working.

Many thanks

Hi @Mkultra ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Hi MKultra,

Did you solved this issue?


Hi there. No no progress on this one at all. However I have to confess that I did not log it with WD support and should catch up on this step.

What should have been a nice easy FW SW upgrade seems a lot more complex than when I purchased it. Even the standard WD support software is not seeing it. very odd.

But I did not take the step to log it with WD and should do. Honestly speaking the forum comments I read were rather negative that WD support was not proactive with this device and I think I sort of lacked the enthusiasm to chase it up. But I will now.

Has anyone else had more success than I have in updating it during this time?

Apologies for the very late reply. Yes I will do this … I’m very late to act on that but should. Thanks for the suggestion.

Updating firmware on an SSD in a QNAP NAS is tricky. QNAP systems don’t usually allow direct firmware updates through external tools. Check for QNAP system updates, as these might include drive firmware updates. You could temporarily remove the SSD, update it in a PC using WD’s software, and reinstall it if needed. But if you’re not having performance issues, it’s often best to leave the firmware alone. Always back up your data before making changes. For specific advice, contact QNAP support. Consider whether the potential benefits of updating outweigh the risks and hassle before you decide to proceed.