SN550 - Windows drivers for NVMe?

Hope someone can advise.

Back in April I upgraded my PC - motherboard, RAM, CPU and got the Western Digital SN550 NVMe 1tb SSD.

I was flicking through Windows 10 Device Manager and like in the old days when you had worse performance if your hard disk was using “Standard IDE Controller”, I noticed that under Storage Controllers, it says Standard NVM Express Controller, which is a generic Microsoft driver. Is this normal, or should it be using a more specific driver to potentially get better performance?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @alex_ncfc,

This is to inform you that SSD depend on mother board compatibility.

Please refer the below link to check drive performance:

It depends on your motherboard, but Standard NVM Express Controller is a very normal thing to see for many motherboards. It indicates you are using the NVMe driver included in Windows 10, which is usually a good driver to be using.