SMP no longer saving settings

Well this SMP has been behaving itself apart from the odd gremlin ever since I bought it about a month ago.

As from three days ago it’s gone a bit wacky.

After a hard power off (Long power press or switching off AC supply) and restart

* It will not restore my User Interface background

* It will frequently forget two of my five Media Library Network (Linux) shares

* It will no longer allow me to set a Photo as a background - responds with ‘Unable to set this background’

* As from today will not allow me to add anything to favourites

I did attempt to set a static Wireless IP address last night but like all previous attempts to do this the SMP just locks up.

Apart from that nothing has changed in any setup.

Current FW: 1.09.10

All content is stored on a NAS

Any clues? I may attempt a 1.10 fw update.



I would suggest updating…  A few other people reported this same issue and some reported that updating to 1.10 fixed it for them.

Well updated to 1.10.13 and all seems to be back to normal.

Update was relatively painless (would not update over wireless - kept reporting that wireless was unstable) so downloaded fw onto my laptop (via the supposedly unstable wireless) popped it onto a USB and the rest went like a breeze.

Only thing is still wont allow me to do is set a static wireless IP address. SMP still locks up!

I hard power down the SMP when it is not in use and switch of the AC supply at the wall outlet. This had been a bit troublesome with the earlier fw and the ‘Compiling Media Library’ issue. Well this does appear to be a huge improvement as the ‘Compiling Media Library’ only runs for a couple of minutes after re-applying power and the SMP is ready to use.

So far pretty happy with the 1.10.13 update :slight_smile: