SMB Stopped working

I have a 4 terabyte WDMycloud which stores all my TV shows and movies I have 4 setups around the house using 10/100/1000 Ethernet using Verizon DSL the TV boxes Some are Raspberry Pi and some Satellite STB’s all using Kodi. They have been working flawlessly for a year.

I can still stream my media that is saved on all devices but when I need to add new by using SMB I can no longer do that.

Now all of a sudden the SMB says error “Connection Refused” on all devices. I rebooted the hard drive thru Explorer. My laptop has no problems using windows but all my Linux based TV boxes stopped working.
The drive info is WDMyCloud v04.01.03.-421

Is the drive bad and needs to be sent back ?

P.S. the WD app on my laptop no longer see’s the drive ether but still can get on it with explorer.

Nothing ?

Hi there,

Try to reset the device to see if this way the issue is fixed by trying this, here is a link that might help you with this process:

That was one option I have been trying to avoid. having to re-setup the entire drive. So that is the only option to fix the network for smb

Hello, doing a reset will not clear too many settings on the unit, however doing a system restore will make you setup everything again, but wont delete the data from the device.

Tried the reset twice with no luck getting the smb to work

Well finally got it fixed. In case someone else does a google and finds this problem here is the simple fix.
Log into the UI then click on Shares click on Public click on Media Serving from On to OFF wait a minute till the refresh is done then Click it back on again ! SMB comes back on

I also had a problem with SMB and fixed it. The only problem was the Win10 login option which was connected to my e-Mail. Every time when I tried to connect to my Cloud, it sent the e-Mail address which the MyCloud couldn’t handle. You can change your login informations for a specific network device in the system control.

I have ZERO faith in WD Myclouds to many reboots each year to many long hours trying to get them back online. After they die I will purchase another brand