SMB Slow Read Performance

I have a WD EX4100 running firmware 2.31.149 connected to a Dell PowerConnect 2840 (Gigabit managed switch). My computer is connected with a Gigabit Intel NIC and the OS is windows 10 (I have SMB3 as the max protocol set). I have setup iSCSI targets and get transfer speeds of between 80-100 MB/s for both reads and writes to the iSCSI locations.

If I connect to the IP address of NIC 1 or 2 on the device, I can get fast write performance when copying to the device (approximately 80-100 MB/s). However, when I copy from the same location (read operations), I get no faster than 355 kB/s and it eventually fails. I think this is a Samba share. Is there anything that is tunable to fix this? I understand that with writes, the data is cached before written so that there is a speed increase. However, a read is a read and there is no cache for that.

I get these results everytime, so I don’t think it is a network congestion issue.

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